Polka dot com is  a directory of online store associates.

I love to shop online. Several of my blogging friends are associates or affiliates for some of my favorite stores.  If I click on a button for a store on their blog and buy something, they earn money. The problem is that I can't always remember who is an associate for what I want to buy.  To ease that problem I've created Polka dot com.  Associates can join this site and get their blog listed.  Shoppers can use this site to find associates and provide them with a kickback.  This requires an extra click or two for the shopper so why should they bother?   I call it Kharma.
What goes around comes around
Click on the shopping category on the top menu.  You will be directed to a page that features blogs owned by online store associates.  Click on a blog name and you will be directed to that blog where you will find a widget for the store towards the top of their blog.   Click on the widget and buy your product(s).

This does take a few extra clicks when you are shopping online, but I think it's worth it because you are doing something nice for somebody else which provides you with a small charge of positive energy.

You do not need to join Polka dot com in order to shop through the associates you find here.  There are no hidden fees.  It's absolutely free.

You are welcome to add a promotional button to your site.  In fact, I will love you forever if you do.   Help spread the word.  You will find promotional buttons by clicking on the right tab of the top linkbar.

Thank-you for visiting, using and spreading the word about Polka dot com.
 If you are an online store associate or affiliate you must join (or sign up) in order to get your name posted.  There are four simple steps or requirements to join.  And it costs you nothing.  My hope is that you will receive greater income through the online store(s) for which you are an associate.
  1.  Post a widget or gadget at the top of your blog for the store(s) for which you are an associate.  A shopper must be able to quickly and easily locate the store they want or they won't come back.
  2. Copy and paste one of the Polka dot com buttons on your blog where it can be seen.  This is required or your name and blog will not be featured here.
  3. Fill out the form below. All fields are required. Your email address will not be posted or shared with others. It's necessary if I should ever need to contact you.
  4. Fill out the form for each store you represent. 

Your Blog:

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There are links to different shopping categories at the top of this site that will direct you to the current shopping categories.

Let me share with you what type of items you might find under each category.  You may have to look in some of the store sites themselves to find the specific item.  Remember this site is free and we only show store associates who have joined.  Hopefully, our list of stores represented will increase.  If you don't find a store you may want to become a store associate for that store and then join Polka-dotcom.  We'd love that.

Apparel & Accessories:  clothing for any age or gender, shoes, socks, jewelry, scarves, hats, shawls, pajamas, slippers, jackets, shrugs, purses, belts, headbands, earrings, gloves, clutches, handbags, watches, etc.

Babies & Kids:  this tab is for those stores geared specifically to babies, toddlers and grade school children.  Items may include:  clothing, shoes, toys, games, furniture, books, movies, music, video games, software, etc.

Books, Movies, Music:  books, textbooks, movies, Blu-ray,games, movies-on-demand, digital downloads, music, musical instruments, video games, music downloads, magazines, calenders, planners,  book-related accessories such as bookmarks, book lights, bookdarts, etc. and eReaders, Kindle, Sony Reader, Hanvon, Cybook Opus, Elonex, Endless Ideas BeBook, Interead COOL-ER, Samsung Papyrus, Foxit eSlick, iRes Technologies Digital Reader 1000, Jinke Hanlin, iLiad, eReader accessories, etc.

Cameras & Electronics:  TV, video, cameras, video cameras, cell phones, video games, MP3 players, media players, car electronics, GPS, etc.

Computers, Software, Office:  computers & accessories, computer components, printers, printer ink and toner, software, scanners, surge protectors, PC games, school supplies, paper, notebooks, binders, calenders, pens, pencils, message pads, envelopes, shipping supplies, personal organizers, desk accessories, workspace organizers,teaching materials, sticky notes, office furniture, calculators, shredders, desks, desk chairs, bookcases, shelving, file and storage cabinets, etc.

Home & Garden:  bedding, bath, furniture, decor, kitchen, dining, home appliances, garden appliances, barbecue grills, vacuums, home improvement, storage, patio, lawn, garden, pet supplies, sewing machines, lighting, fans, heaters, cleaning supplies, trash cans and bags, etc.

Games & Hobbies: this tab would include family games, older children's toys, sewing, tole painting, crafts, hobbies, model cars, dice, cards, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, cross-stitching, quilting, jewelry making, etc.

Sports & Outdoors:  exercise, fitness, sports, cycling, golf, fan gear, team sports, outdoor gear, camping, etc.
If you are an affiliate for an item not listed, please leave a comment of email me: booklogged@gmail.com.

Other suggestions are always welcome if they are constructive and will help to make this site more helpful.

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